Connecting with God, Others, and Our Purpose


Connecting Point Community is on a mission to reach the cities of Corona, Hesperia and the surrounding areas with a positive, yet simple Apostolic message that Jesus Christ loves all people. Part of this mission is to create a safe environment in each service that you can express yourself to God and feel His power at work in your life. If you do not have a relationship with Christ or are seeking to reconnect with Him, Connecting Point can help – that is our mission.


Connecting Point Community will be a place for individuals and families to discover a meaningful relationship with Christ. Our church will be a safe, healthy, and growing community of believers that are committed to connecting with God, with others, and our purpose. Our church will be a leader in teaching and implementing the Apostolic Faith into every dynamic of the ministry.


Connecting Point Community was created to help you begin to experience life again emotionally, intellectually, and socially through a strong relationship with Christ as your savior. We have a passion to show the world that our God is a loving and caring individual that is concerned about you and your life. You will discover joy, peace, freedom, and fulfillment in your relationship with Christ at Connecting Point.