Connecting Point

Connecting Point is a family integrated fellowship

We ‘re glad that you have stopped by to learn what we’re all about. We hope you will find what you need to help you and your family in your journey to experience Christ. There are many opportunities for you and your family to enjoy great preaching/teaching, worship in music and singing, while connecting with other believers. 
Pastor Gregory Pounds and the Leadership Team preach with great passion and the fire of the Holy Spirit.   It is always engaging and challenges the body to get in motion with the “Great Commission” of Matthew 28:19 to Go, Preach, Make Disciples, Teach and Baptize in the Name of Jesus. 
The purpose of preaching at Connecting Point is not to entertain, but to Connect the listeners to the Glory of God through an understanding of timeless Biblical Principles. Our goal each week is that the messages will inspire, educate and transform the body into a group that has encountered the presence of the Lord and leaves ready to impact their world with the Power of the Gospel. We seek to preach with a fervency that will match the urgency of the hour to awake believers to understand our role in the last days. 
Our music department has been blessed with several volunteer worship leaders, singers and musicians that enjoy using their talents for the kingdom. We utilize a team approach and have a rotating schedule of singers and musicians so that everyone has an opportunity to be involved in worship.
Our style of worship creates the opportunity for the body to worship in a safe atmosphere enabling worshipers the liberty express themselves through heartfelt acts of worship. It is common to see people praise God in the dance, with hands raised, tears of joy, and the overwhelming presence of God’s Spirit moving as we worship from the depth of our heart and soul. One word we commonly use is “passion”. You can feel the passion and desire that sincere believers have to experience the powerful presence of the Lord during our worship services. One of Pastor Greg’s famous statements is “we like it loud and full of passion for the Lord”. 
CP Youth:
Our youth department is led by our Youth Pastor Dario & Adrianna and the CP Youth Team. Each week there are Bible study groups that meet according to age groups at church to engage in Bible study and discipleship. The Bible study groups are often led and operated by the young people themselves. Monthly there are exciting activities and youth services scheduled to engage the young people at their age level. We minister to age appropriate groups within our Youth Department so that no one feels left out – ages 12-18 and ages 19-28 (single).   
The highlight of the youth ministry are a couple of activities that we look forward to every year.
First, Connecting Point hosts our very own Youth Camp for the members of our church. The camp is generally held in the month of March and is great opportunity for the young people to reconnect with God, with each other and to find their calling and purpose. This has truly been a life changing experience for everyone that has attended.   
Second, every year we host a “Back to School” conference / revival. During this week long revival young people encounter the presence of God and gain confidence to stand strong for the cause of Christ on their school campuses. 
CP Kids
Our children’s ministry is full of energy and engaging to keep your child’s attention. Our CP Kid’s team is creative and committed to making the Bible fun to learn while imparting life principles on their level. Your child will experience songs of worship written for kids and a curriculum that they can relate to.
Corona Campus CP Kids:
Classes every Thursday at 7:30 PM
Connecting Kids Worship Service every Sunday at 9 AM (English) and 2 PM (Spanish). 
High Desert Campus CP Kids: 
Classes every Tuesday at 7:30 PM
There is something for the whole family at Connecting Point.
Come and join us this week and feel at home in a great church.