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VISION (Cultivate – Develop – Train) 
The Elisha Project is designed to assist with cultivating the call of God on an individual, while developing the necessary leadership skills to operate at optimal levels of ministry, and to train in areas of ministry to increase the effectiveness of the church.
Classes offer Connecting Point members an opportunity to attend Bible College level classes and training onsite at the Corona Campus. Participants will cultivate their calling while gaining essential Bible foundations to grow in the knowledge and wisdom of God’s Word. The Elisha Project will assist you in developing the necessary skills to operate at optimal levels like the seasoned leaders around you. 
The Elisha Project is not another “service” but an educational process to develop individuals in a classroom format. The majority of the work is done outside of the class and requires a commitment to reading the course texts. There will be assignments and workbooks to complete. When you are in the classroom, instruction is delivered in a traditional college format and require you to take comprehensive notes.
Each year there is a final exam that accompanies a block of classes. The final exam is open book and open notes.
We believe the grading system should be determined by your commitment to approach God, His Word and this class with the highest level of excellence. You determine the grade you receive in each course. In fact, the final exam is a reflection of your attention to detail and commitment to the education you receive. The instructors will not assign grades, but watch for progress, interaction, comprehension, and ability to handle the text from reading / individual study. You get out of the class what you put into the class. 
The class only meets one time per month. Therefore, attendance is required at all classes. You will be allotted ONE absence per year for emergency purposes (we must receive communication prior to the start of the class to approve the absence). If you miss more than ONE class or do not provide communication prior to the start of class, you will be dropped from the Elisha Project. In the event you have been dropped, you will not be allowed to enroll for the remainder of the calendar year and will not receive credit for classes already completed (you must start over).  
Introduction to the Bible
The Word
How to Study the Bible
Bible Doctrine Level I
Bible Doctrine Level II
Leadership in the Local Church Level I
Leadership in the Local Church Level II
Old Testament Survey
New Testament Survey
Eschatology I (End-times) Daniel & Revelation
Eschatology II (End-times) Daniel & Revelation
Please download and fill out the application. Read all documents prior to completing the application. You will be notified of acceptance once all documents are complete and your file is created.
APPLICATION (download)
Elisha Project Dates: 2019
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